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MacDonald Takes Top Honors

Illinois Divisional Champ

Congratulations Ian on taking the top spot on the Illinois Team at the BASS Nation Northern Divisional!

2013 IBN Classic Winners

2013 State Team

Congratulations To Tom Kotsakis & Mark Fosterud!

2014 Make-A-Wish Raffle Winner

Make A Wish Raffle Winner

Congrats To Bob Pyzyna from Arlington Heights!

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2015 Team Roster sheet available for download

Ian McDonald – B.A.S.S. Nation Championship

Ian McDonald, a member of the Prairie State Bassmasters, represented the IBN at the Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Championship in Monroe Louisiana on the Ouachita River.

It was not easy for Ian to get there. During last year’s season he competed in his club to qualify for the IBN State Championship and Divisional Team Qualifier. He needed to be one of the top anglers in his club to qualify. From that event he placed in the top 12 and became one of the anglers on the 2014 IBN Divisional Team. From there he competed at the B.A.S.S. Nation Northern Divisional Championship on Lake Monroe in Indiana. At that event Ian was shooting for a spot at the National Championship to compete for a seat in the super bowl of bass fishing, the Bassmaster Classic.

Ian took first place for the team and was on his way to Louisiana on the Ouachita River.

Although Ian brought over 12 lbs of fish to the scale, with 2 limits, the tournament result was not what he was hoping for.

Ian McDonald was just a few fish away from competing in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic.

Over 20,000 B.A.S.S. Nation anglers competed throughout the year to get to that tournament and the Illinois Bass Nation along with all of the members want to congratulate Ian for this accomplishment.

2014 Make A Wish Raffle Winners Announced!

The results are in for the Make A Wish drawing. Bob Pyzynafrom Arlington Heights won a first prize of $3,000.00. 2nd prize went Stephanie Beamer from the Champagne-Urbana area, worth $1,500.00. 3rd place went to Ryan Robinson, who earned a 500.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card. Now get ready for 2015. Don't forget to get your ticket for that drawing!

2014 IBN Team Series Classic

On September 20th and 21st the IBN held the 2014 Team Series Classic at Lake Sara. The top 20 teams for the season were invited to compete at this event. Anthony Acres was the tournament headquarters and location for the weigh in and all of the anglers that competed stayed at Anthony Acres and what a great event it was.

At the end of day one John Czajkoski and Kevin Rebouche took the lead with 15.31 lbs and had Big Bass for the day as well at 4.98 lbs. In second place, three and a half pounds behind the leaders, were Clay Reeves and Dan Weikle and in 3rd place sat Alex Peric and Steve Mui.

That evening everyone participated in a barbeque followed by an awards presentation. As part of the Bassmaster Team Series our trail will be sending our top 2 teams to the Bassmaster Team Championship. At the Championship they will compete for a seat at the Bassmaster Classic in February.

We took time out to present the two teams, Mel Hedrick and Ed Trevino, Bob Blumenstein and Eric Powley, with plaques commemorating their efforts for the year.

Sunday began with a storm passing through just before take-off and everyone was anticipating a different bite.

As the boats came in the anticipation was right, the bite had changed. Many of the teams that caught fish the first day did not do so well on day two. It came down to making the right adjustments.

Josh Robey and Brent Lundstrom sat in 10th place with 4.64 lbs. at take-off and made a charge weighing in 12.58 lbs for a total of 17.22 lbs. putting them on the hot seats. They sat there for some time and then there were 2 more teams to weigh in. Alex Peric and Steve Mui weighed in 11.30 Lbs for a total weight of 21.10 Lbs. and took over the hot seats. The only team left was the day one leaders, John Czajkoski and Kevin Rebouche and they needed close to 6 lbs to take over the lead. Well they made the right adjustments to the bite and brought 14.82 lbs to the scale and taking big bass at 4 53 lbs. as well. Congratulations to John and Kevin as they weighed in 30.13 lbs for the two day event.

The IBN would like to thank Anthony Acres fort their warm hospitality and great accommodations. Give Tony a call at 217-868-2950 or email: to set up your get away weekend.

Stagg’s Cutrone and Vella dominate at Shabbona

The last high school tournament for 2014 was held on Lake Shabbona on September 7th. This was the third qualifying tournament for the 2014 – 2015 season. The teams competing were battling for a spot in the IBN High School Championship next June at Lake Springfield.

It was a tough day for most of the field. A cold front just went through and it was a blue bird day. When the boats began to come in it was looking like we would have a short weigh-in. The first five boats had no fish. Then the next six in a row requested a bag to weigh in fish.

As the weigh in progressed Henry Moore and John VanDevender, from Benet High School, just took over the hot seats with 6.03 lbs. from Davis Hianik from Glenbrook South and Chris Iodice from Oak Forest. Now one team was left to weigh in as Stagg High School’s Joe Vella and Nick Cutrone came to the scale. They said they had one for Big Bass and that was an understatement. The fish topped out at 6.35 lbs. With that one fish they took over the hot seats and first place for the tournament with a total weight of 10.01lbs.

Along with the top 3 teams, Marmion Academy’s Steve Callahan and Daniel Lin and Marion Academy’s Joe Schafer and Dennis Hayes also qualified for the 2015 IBN High School Championship at this event.

~ By Frank Labanowski IBN Tournament Director - Youth Director

Ian MacDonald Heads to BASS Nation Championship

Ian Mac Donald takes the top spot on the Illinois Team at the BASS Nation Northern Divisional that was held on Lake Monroe in Indiana. Now he will move on to compete at the BASS Nation Championship in Monroe Louisiana. During the tournament Ian brought to the scale 14 lbs. 8 oz. to take top honors.

At the BASS Nation Championship Ian will be competing for a spot in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic.

Ian is a member of the Prairie State Bassmasters and resides in Chicago. He qualified to compete at the BASS Nation Northern Divisional by being one of the top 12 anglers at the IBN State Championship / Divisional Qualifier.

On behalf of the IBN Board and all of the IBN Membership, Congratulations!! Good luck at the BNC!

Boys from Benton Top High School at BASS Nation Northern Divisional

Trevor McKinney and Dailus Richardson competed against the top High School teams from 8 states and took top honors with 17 lbs for 2 days of fishing. Fishing was tough at Lake Monroe for most of the field but the IBN High School State Champions found the right fish.

Special thanks go out to Ralph Sweat, the IBN Region 1 Director, who was the boat captain for the team. Great job Ralph!!!

Trevor and Dailus qualified to compete along with the IBN Divisional Team through the IBN High School Tournament Series.

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Hedrick and Trevino to compete for a spot in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic

During the 2014 season the IBN affiliated with Bassmaster to bring the Team Series Tournament Trail to Illinois. Mel Hedrick and Ed Trevino were just two of over a hundred anglers that competed at the IBN Team Series events. Each event awarded the teams points by their position at the tournaments. The points are cumulative and the top team for this season is Mel and Ed. They will now move on to compete at the 2014 Toyota Bonus Bucks Bassmaster Team Championship tournament to be held on Degray Lake, Bismarck, AR., December 8-13, 2014. At that event they will fish for a spot at the Bassmaster Classic in February 2015.

The IBN Team Series / Bassmaster Team Championship is a way for the grass roots angler to get to the Bassmaster Classic. This series is closed to all Bassmaster Elite Pros. and FLW Pro anglers. It is truly the weekend angler’s way to get to the super bowl of bass fishing, the Bassmaster Classic.

The IBN Board of Directors would like to congratulate Mel and Ed on a great season and wish them the best of luck at the Bassmaster Team Series Championship.

Tom Ondras takes last IBN Team Series event for 2014

On August 10th the final IBN Team Series tournament was held on the Kankakee / DesPlaines rivers. This was the last series tournament for 2014 and it was a tough one for the anglers. Most of the teams that were competing were trying to hold on to a top 20 position in the points standings. By doing so it would guaranty them a spot at the IBN Team Series Classic that will be held on Lake Sara on September 20th and 21st. This classic will be the biggest payout of the season for the anglers and the only two day tournament for the series. The winners of each event during the season secure a spot at the IBN Series Classic as long as they enter the remaining tournaments following their win. Tom Ondras had not fished any of the Team Series events and the only way he would get to the classic was to win. He also found out the night before that his partner Brian Vobroucek, was not going to make the event and he would have to fish solo. After seeing the weights from the High School Tournament the day before the anglers knew it would be a tough day. Tom said before take-off “If I could just bring in a few it may be enough”. Well he did just that. Tom brought 4 to the scale, a big bass at 3.05 lbs. and a total weight of 9.17 lbs. and took 1st place. 2nd Place went to Jim Blumenstein and Art Mensik with 4.80 lbs. and in 3rd place with 3.90Lbs were Brad Norris and Ryan Robinson.

Tom and co-angler Brian are now set to compete in the IBN Team Series Classic on Lake Sara, September 20 and 21st.

“Off The Hook” at Lake Katherine

On August 3rd the Jr. Bassmaster tournament was held at Lake Katherine. In the 11 to 14 age group, 1st place went to Tyler Kalebic with 9 lbs 5 oz. Jake Yelland took 2nd Place with 7 lbs 12 oz. and 3rd place went to Grey Ramirez with 5 lbs 8 oz.

Great job everyone. There were 28 club members competing and 10 limits were caught.

2014 IBN Team Series Classic Information Now Available For Download!

Click here to download the information forms

Hedrick and Trevino take the Cal Sag

The IBN Team Series schedule called for a tournament on Pool 13 on July 20th but Mother Nature had a different idea. Ten days before the tournament 8 inches of rain fell on north western Illinois in 2 days and the river was at 18 feet above flood stage. All reports were that the river will not be down by tournament time and the main river channel was full of heavy debris creating a very unsafe running condition for the boaters. With the tournament about a week away we had to act fast to make a change of locations.

The City of Alsip said they would do whatever they could for the IBN to help put things together for the tournament. The IDNR acted very quickly with the permits and in a day or so we were set to have the event on the Cal Sag out of the Alsip launch.

If someone had told me it would take close to 17 lbs. to win I would not have believed them. We heard that the fishing had been tough but you could not tell that by the weigh-in we had.

The top five bags were all over 10 lbs. and the winning weight brought to the scale by Mel Hedrick and Ed Trevino was 16.83 lbs. Mel also had the Big Bass for the event at 4.21.

In 2nd Place was Larry Fenzau and Joel Lafever with 11.96 lbs., 3rd Place went to Joe Zehner and Tony Flories with 11.46 lbs. and in 4th Place with 11.39 was Jeff Miller and Huhra.

The IBN would like to thank the City of Alsip (Bob at the launch ramp) for all their help. This is the third time we held a tournament at the Cal Sag out of the Alsip launch and they all have all been great. We will be adding this location to next year's event schedule.

~ By Frank Labanowski IBN Tournament Director.

IBN High School Series hits the Cal Sag

The schedule was set to have the first IBN High School tournament at Pool 13 on July 19th. After all of the rain that fell at Pool 13 and sent the river 15 feet over flood stage the IBN relocated the tournament to the Cal Sag out of the Alsip launch. "We were concerned with the high water levels and all of the debris that would be pushed out into the Mississippi at Pool 13 and felt it would not be safe there for the anglers."

The change of location did not seem to affect the Sandwich High School team of Logan Beatty and Michael Dobbs. The team won the first IBN High School Series tournament for the 2014 - 2015 season. They now have qualified for the 2015 IBN High School State Championship.

Along with 1st Place - Sandwich High School - Logan Beatty and Michael Dobbs other teams that qualified for the 2015 IBN High School Championship are:

2nd Place - Sandwich High School - T.J. Osterko and Chris Thompson

3rd Place - Preston Turner and Nolan Turner from Rochelle

4th Place - Luke Jasper and Tom Rimbo with Lemont High School.

The IBN would like to thank the IDNR for the quick turn around on permits and the city of Alsip for working with us to get use of their city launch on such short notice. Special thanks to the Alsip Police department and all of the ramp employees for all there help with the event.

~ By Frank Labanowski IBN Tournament Director - Youth Director

Pool 13 Tournaments moved due to unsafe conditions!! (Highschool AND Team Series)

Team Series Members

Pool 13 has been well over flood stage for a few weeks now and all reports are that the river will remain very high till mid August. The Army Corp and lock masters say that there is an excessive amount of debris flowing down river from the high water and it would not be safe to run the pool.

Due to the high and unsafe water conditions at Pool 13 we have moved the location for the next Team Series event to the Cal Sag. Dates will remain the same for both events.

July 19th will still be the date for the High School tournament, and July 20th will be the team series tournament.

We will launch from the Alsip ramp located just west of 127th and Cicero Ave. This is just off the route 294 at the Cicero exit.

Team Series entry forms available here
High School entry forms available here
High School rules available here

From 294 east exit at Cicero Ave. and turn right on to 127th Street. Go about 1/4 mile to So. Laramie Ave (just before the bridge) and turn right. Follow the road all the way to the end.

1. We will begin to take entries / registration for the tournament at the ramp by 4:30 am.
2. There is a launch fee of $7.00 that is the responsibility of each team to be paid when you launch.
3. I would like to take off before 6 am so please be in the water and ready to go by 6 am.
4. Return time will be 2:00 pm first flight and 2:15 pm second flight.

I have attached a revised entry form for those who need one.
Hotels in the area that are located with in a 1/2 mile of the ramp are:

Days Inn Alsip Hotel 5150 W 127th St, Alsip, IL, (708) 371-5600

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago - Alsip 5000 W 127th St, Alsip, IL, (708) 371-7300

For a map of the area and launch ramp go to

See you on July 20th!!!

Questions please email.

IBN Club Presidents Please pass this information on to your members as well. Thanks

Frank Labanowski
Tournament Director
Illinois B.A.S.S. Nation

309 Bassmasters take top team at Carlyle

As a team the 309 Bassmasters took 1st place with 76.55 lbs. in 2nd place was Bass Pac with 68.46 lbs and in third was Chicago Windy City team 2 with 65.73 Lbs.

309 Bassmasters; Brad Norris, Ryan Robinson, Jamie Masenbacher, Dave Norris, Scott Bree and Adam Stark with Mike Sledden- IBN President and Mike Daniel IBN V.President

Dan Brown 2014 IBN State Champion

On May 31st-June 1st, at Lake Carlyle, the IBN held the annual State Qualifier / Championship Tournament. 20 clubs from across the state sent their top 6 anglers to compete for a spot on the IBN State Divisional Team for 2015. Carlyle proved to be a great bass fishery and the anglers brought to the scale 832 lbs. of bass over the two day event with 90% of the field weighing in fish. At the end of day one Brad Norris had the lead over 2nd place Dan Brown and 3rd place Ray Dallas by 3 lbs. The next 6 positions were only separated by 1 lb. Big Bass for Saturday went to Rob Melendez with w 6.16 Lb hawg.

Individual Weight
1 Brad Norris 14.49
2 Dan Brown 11.38
3 Ray Dallas 11.34
4 David Junk 11.09
5 Mark Peterson 10.70
6 Raul Gonzalez 10.66
7 Mike Pappas 10.43
7 Bill Baker 10.43
9 Rob Melendez 10.38
10 Scott Orban 9.87
11 Ryan Robinson 9.27
12 Mark Emenecker 9.22
13 Luis Gonzalez 9.21

Rob Memendez Big Bass

Sunday at take off the top 13 knew they had to stay consistent to hold a seat on the Divisional Team for 2015. The day started off great just a slight breeze and a little clouds. In the afternoon, an hour before weigh in, the sky turned dark and the rain fell. It was a drenching storm that lasted about 30 min and cleared out just as the boats began to return to the launch. As the weights began to rise, Ken Oldham came to the scale and took Big Bass for Sunday with a 6 lb pig. As the weigh in progressed the hot seat holder changed several times and soon we were down to the last 3 anglers. Mark Emenecker made a charge from 12th place and sat in the hot seat with 21.40 lbs. Dave Norris was next to weigh in and fell short with a 2 day total of 20.04 lbs. The last angler to weigh in was Dan Brown and he came to the scale with a 5 fish limit and needed a little over 10 lbs to take the lead. The scale stopped at 11.96 lbs giving Dan a total for the two days at 23.34 lbs. Dan Brown just became the 2014 IBN State Champion and will be the Team Captain on the 2015 IBN State Divisional Team. Congratulations Dan!!

Sunday /
Final Rank
Individual Weight
1 Dan Brown 23.34
2 Mark Emenecker 21.40
3 Brad Norris 20.04
4 Mark Peterson 19.98
5 Curt Samo 17.31
6 Tom Ondras 16.79
7 Mike Pappas 16.74
8 Dave Norris 16.02
9 Vaughn Capasso 15.30
10 Raul Gonzalez 15.02
11 Rob Melendez 13.82
12 Dave Thompson 13.55
13 Scott Orban 13.26

Ken Oldham 6.0 Lbs. Big Bass

Congratulations to Dan Brown and all of the anglers that secured a position on the 2015 State Divisional Team. I would like to thank our IBN sponsors that help to make our event special. Motor Guide, Mercury, Bass Pro Shop, Minn Kota, Lowrance, Plano, Hummingbird, Power Pole, Skeeter Yamaha, Solar Bat, Prime Lawn Care, Mystery Tackle Box, Toyota, Triton, Pure Fishing, Evans Williams, BB&A Accountants and Minuteman Press. Thank you for all of your support. A special thanks to all of the anglers that competed for your cooperation and help during the event.

~ By Frank Labanowski IBN Tournament Director.

2014 State Tournament Day 2 Results

2014 State Tournament Day 1 Standings

2014 State Tournament Rules

Norris and Robinson take round 2 at Clinton

On May 18th the IBN Team Series came back to Clinton Lake for the second time and the 4th tournament in the Team Series. The weather was great and so was the fishing. Soon after launching the shy cleared and remained that till just after noon. There was a good bite all day and when the clouds began to move in the bite really turned up. Many of the anglers said they caught there bigger fish in the last hour of the tournament. As the boats checked in we all knew Clinton was going to show off some great fish at the weigh-in. The Big Bass changed 4 times before Brad Norris and Ryan Robinson came up with a 6.60 lb. pig. That fish topped off their winning weight of 17.57 lbs. In 2nd Place were Alex Peric and Steve Mui with 16.28 lbs, in 3rd Place, Clay Reeves and Daniel Weikle with 15.48 lbs and in 4th were Bob Blumenstein and Eric Powley with 11.70 lbs.

Special Thanks to Plano, our featured sponsor for this event. Plano supplied some great products that were given away at the tournament. On behalf of Plano an extra $100 was also added to the Big Bass pot. Great sponsor and great tournament.

For more information about the IBN Team Series and Bassmaster Team Championship go to www.illinoisbassnation or . Our next tournament will be at Pool 13 on July 20th out of Savanna. By Frank Labanowski – IBN Tournament Director

See the photos on Facebook!

Reeves and Weikle take top honors at Clinton - Lake Clinton (May) Team Series Results

On May 4th Clinton Lake was the location for the third IBN Team Series Tournament for this season and the weather cooperated and so did the fish. It was calm and overcast at takeoff but before long the sky cleared, a slight breeze began and the anglers welcomed the sunshine. When the scale opened Clinton Lake began to show off the health bass that occupy this wonderful fishery. The weight of the Big Bass changed several time during the weigh-in and finally a 6.26 lbs. Hawg was brought up by Steve Mui and held on the take the Big Bass pot for the event.

But when it was over, Clay Reeves, of Hayworth and Daniel Weikle from Maroa, teamed up to get the victory over Josh Robey and Brent Lundstrom by 4 tenths of a pound. Clay and Daniel’s limit weighed in At 14.37 Lbs. In Second Place, Josh and Brent with 14.04 Lbs. and in Third, Dave Huston and Cory Mundwiler with 12.61 Lbs.

See the photos on Facebook!

Robinson and Norris take Team Series at Carlyle - Lake Carlyle Team Series Results

It was a cool morning and the breeze started to pick up at launch time. The day was very overcast and by noon coming out of the south was 20 to 30 mile an hour winds. The lake looked like chocolate milk and the anglers were fighting to hold the boat on their spots. At weigh in time we heard about the speared waves and lost gear that flew over the side. But with all these distractions the competitors were able to bring in fish to the scale.

The Team of Ryan Robinson and Brad Norris took the top honors with a limit at 13.15 lbs. along with the Big Bass for the event at 3.69 lbs.. In second place was Mel Hedrick and Ed Trevino and in third Josh Bluogh and Jimmy Velino.

See the photos on Facebook!

Lake Springfield Team Series Results

Toyota Bonus Bucks Bassmaster Team Championship

Dec 9-13, on DeGray Lake out of DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge and Convention Center in Bismarck, Ark.

Through this new event, one angler will qualify for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell out of Greenville, S.C. In addition, one two-angler team will emerge as the national champion.

The teams will qualify for the championship through various B.A.S.S.-sanctioned team trails across the country operated independently of B.A.S.S. (For a list of sanctioned trails, go to

After two days of team competition on DeGray Lake, and the crowning of the inaugural Toyota Bonus Bucks Bassmaster Team Champion, the Top 3 teams will be split up. Those six anglers will return to the water to compete for the one Bassmaster Classic spot.

“As we do with the B.A.S.S. Nation program, with this new event we’re reaching grass-roots anglers and giving them a shot at being a Bassmaster Classic competitor,” Stewart said. “Not every angler has the opportunity to turn pro, but this event gives one amateur a shot at competing against top pros in the world championship.”

For more information go to or contact IBN Tournament DirectorFrank Labanowski at

Bassmaster High School Invitational

This event will qualify eight high school teams to compete in the 2015 Bassmaster High School Classic held in conjunction with the pro-level 2015 Bassmaster Classic, Feb. 20-22, in Greenville, S.C.

Any high school club registered with B.A.S.S. can send teams to the Bassmaster High School Invitational. Competition will be on Douglas Lake; weigh-ins will be at the Point Resort in Dandridge.

“Based on the interest in last year’s inaugural High School Invitational, we expect hundreds of boats in the 2014 event,” Stewart said. “This will be a fun event for the anglers and their families. We will have a huge barbecue the night before the tournament, and the anglers can meet other anglers from all over the country with the same passion for bass fishing.”

For information on Registering with B.A.S.S. and competing for this opportunity go to .

Bassmaster High School National Championship

July 16-19, in Tennessee on Kentucky Lake and Carroll County Reservoir. Hosts are Henry and Carroll counties, Bethel University and the Village of Paris, Tenn.

In this event, 96 of the best high school teams in the nation will compete for scholarships and merchandise as well as the first National Championship trophy.

The teams will qualify through individual state B.A.S.S. Nation organizations. Each B.A.S.S. Nation state will send its best two high school teams.

“This is really kicking up the B.A.S.S. high school initiative,” said Jon Stewart, director, B.A.S.S. Nation. “With the competition later aired on ESPNU, the growing high school sport of bass fishing will be showcased like never before.”

The first two days of competition will be on Kentucky Lake with weigh-ins at Paris Landing out of Paris, Tenn. The finalists will compete for two days on Carroll County Reservoir and weigh their catches on the campus of Bethel University in McKenzie, Tenn.

Besides earning the title of national champion, the winning team will receive a share of $21,000 in scholarships from B.A.S.S. as well as merchandise provided by sponsors. In addition, Bethel University will award $40,000 in scholarships; $5,000 a year for four years will go to the Top 2 finishing anglers provided they are either a junior or senior in high school and use the scholarship to attend Bethel University and become a part of the Bethel University Wildcats bass fishing team.

For information on Registering with B.A.S.S. and competing for this opportunity, contact the IBN Tournament Director Frank Labanowski at

B.A.S.S. Launches National Championship For Team Tournament Anglers

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Many of today’s top professional anglers cut their competitive teeth in team tournaments. But to compete at a higher level, they had to leave their fishing buddies behind and strike out on one of the many draw or pro-am circuits.

With the introduction of the Toyota Bassmaster Team Championship, America’s most successful fishing teams will soon be able to prove their skills against competition from throughout the nation.

Read The Full Press Release Here

IBN 2014 Annual Club Presidents Conference

The IBN Board of Directors is gearing up for the annual IBN Club Presidents Conference to be held on January 25th at the Best Western in Schaumburg, IL. This is a mandatory meeting and requires representation from all of the clubs in the IBN. Each club should have two representatives, either their club President and VP or two appointed members.

We are going to have a one day format for the Presidents Conference this year. The conference meetings will be held in the Conference Room. We will begin club check in at 8:00 AM

The agenda for the meeting is stacked with many topics for discussion and information regarding the 2014 fishing season events and tournaments as well as guest speakers and should adjourn by 4:00 PM.

Best Western, Schaumburg has a block of rooms set aside for any members participating in the 2014 Presidents Conference.

IBN Tournament Series leads to the Bassmaster Classic

The Illinois B.A.S.S. Nation has teamed up with B.A.S.S. and the Bassmaster Team Championship.

By fishing the IBN Open Tournament Series you have a chance to get to the Bassmaster Classic. During the 2014 season the top teams, yes teams, will be headed to a national tournament called the Bassmaster Team Championship. At that event a National Champion will move on to compete at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic.

The entry forms for the tournaments, overview and requirements to participate will be available on the Illinois B.A.S.S. Nation web site very soon. The tournament schedule for 2014 is now available and we hope to see you at our IBN Open Tournament events.

It’s going to be a great season!

Mike Sledden / IBN President

During the IBN Board meeting the election results were announced. Congratulations to:

Mike Sledden – President
Mike Daniel - V. President
Ralph Sweat - Region 1 Director
Joe Cupp - Region 3 Director

Also, Gerald Sobkowiak (Flic) was appointed and approved by the board to be the interim Region 2 Director.

Junk / Maisenbacher Switch for B.A.S.S. Nationals

While getting his boat ready for the B.A.S.S. National tournament Dave Junk slipped off the boat and wrenched his back. Having had back issues in the past Dave knew that he probably would not be able to compete at the tournament. Following a special appointment on Sunday with his doctor Dave called and confirmed that this would not be his year for a shot at the Bassmaster Classic.

Jamie Maisenbacher weighing in at B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional Tournament

After confirming with B.A.S.S. on the rules concerning substitutions I placed a call to Jamie Maisenbacher. Jamie was the second place contender for Illinois at the Northern Divisional and is next in line to fill Dave’s spot. I explained the situation to Jamie and the decision was his. A little later Sunday evening he called and said he was in and 6 hours later he was on his way to Russellville Arkansas and Lake Dardanelle.

Jamie Maisenbacher weighing in at B.A.S.S.
Northern Divisional Tournament

2012 Make-A-Wish Raffle Winner Announced!

2013 State Team

The winner of the boat is Dennis Schultz of Taylorville, IL. Dennis is a great dad, as he gave the boat to his son Anthony!

The winner of the $500 gift card is Mike Cass of Bloomington Il.
Mike Cass has until December 31st to contact the IBN to claim his prize.

Congratulations to Dave Junk!

Dave Junk is the 2013 Illinois Champion and will compete in the B.A.S.S. Nationals.

Photo Slide Show - Divisional Team Day 3 - Francis Case

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Photo Slide Show - Divisional Team Day 1 - Francis Case

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Des Plaines Open Results